Friend or Faux? 1967 Citroën Ami 6 Berline


The Citroën Ami Berline (notchback sedan) is a salmigondis of peculiar design elements. Crazy single spoke steering wheel, dash mounted push-pull manual shifter, and crazy flying buttress c-pillar is just the beginning of the oddity that is a front-wheel-drive French machine with an opposed two cylinder engine. One could make the argument that a ’67 Mustang isn’t that far removed from a new Mustang you can buy in the showroom in 2020, but this thing is so different from a modern car that you can hardly compare anything other than it has wheels and an engine. Find this 1967 Citroën 6 Ami Berline offered for $13,900 in Ames, NY via craigslist. Tip from Cory.