Depreciated Barge: 2012 Audi A8L


Let’s pretend for a minute that you (yes, you) aren’t a bot reading DailyTurismo searching for a way to insert some spam links, and let’s instead pretend you a fresh college graduate living in Houston. You’ve finally gotten a decent promotion and now you need car that is an upgrade from your Mom’s ancient hand-me-down Saturn you’ve been driving for the past 5 years, so you head to your local Toyohondaistubishi dealer with $20k in your pocket. What can you get? Uggg. Some nasty looking econoboxes with CVT transmission and all the soul of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made for TV movie and all the character for a Walmart t-shirt. Disillusioned, you head out onto Auto Mall Blvd with your head low, but then you spy a big black beauty at in the back of a BMW dealer lot…could that long wheelbase luxury sedan really cost less than a medium spec Accord? Find this 2012 Audi A8L offered for $21,591 in Houston, TX via Tip from Jeff.