V8 Swapped: 1985 Pontiac 6000


tiac 6000 was a mid-sized mid-market front-drive offering from GM’s “sporty” Pontiac brand that shared its plebian underpinnings with GM’s other A-body machines like the Buick Century, Chevy Celebrity, and Olds Cutlass Ciera. The 6000 sold relatively well and did the job of shuttling around the kids, but it wasn’t in the least bit sporty (although there was a Special Touring Edition STE that added a high output option to the V6 pushing the original 112 horsepower up to 135. Anyway, the builder of this next car shoved a small block Chevy up front and the result is going to be some wicked front-wheel-peelage. Find this 1985 Pontiac 6000 offered for $6,700 in Mahopac, NY via facemelt merklebrook. Tip from Cory.