Jaguar I6 Power: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe


This next Ford Model A makes up for all of the Jaguars with small block Ford V8s (and Chevy 350s) that we’ve posted over the years…and leaves some change on the table. It starts with a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe that has been chopped and then adds a Jaguar inline-6 that has been juiced to produce some insane amount of horsepower if we are to believe the 9.32 second 1/4 mile drag time according to the seller (then engine needs a new headgasket, but don’t even think about putting a Chevy V8 in it!) We’ve always wondered where the old XJ engines go when someone shoves in some lump of American iron…well here it is. Find this 1930 Ford Model A Coupe offered for $14000 in Modesto, CA via craigslist. Tip from Andy.