Sweptline Classic: 1971 Dodge D100 Pickup

I’m tellin y’all gotta look at them 1968-1971 Dodge Sweptline pickups – it’s like a slice of good ol’ down-home heaven right on four wheels. Lines so clean they’re slicker than a greased pig at the county fair, and that cab and bed fittin’ together smoother than Grandpa’s pants and suspenders. That grille? Well, it’s wider than a steers horns and tougher than a two-dollar steak, and them headlights? Brighter than a July Fourth fireworks show. And don’t even get me started on them fenders – they curve just right, like a river bend in the backwoods. With more engine choices than you got cousins at a family reunion and beds for haulin’ more stuff than you’ll ever admit, this pickup ain’t just about work, it’s about playin’ hard and feelin’ the wind in your hair. From the backroads to the main drag, these trucks ain’t just vehicles, they’re a piece of Americana, representin’ the heart and soul of what it means to be country tough. Find this 1971 Dodge D100 Pickup bidding for $6,300 in Lynchburg, VA via ebay.

From the seller:

About this vehicle
This 1971 Dodge Pickup is a true original, being sold by the original owner. Although it requires some work, it is a reliable vehicle that has mainly been used for weekend drives. The color of the truck is a vibrant orange and it comes with a clean title, showing that it has been well-maintained over the years. The mileage on the truck is 69614. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of history!
Vehicle Details
Would not call it a barn find but it’s been under a carport it’s entire life ! Purchased in Lynchburg, Virginia new it’s been in one family it’s entire life , all original , paint interior, mostly motor notice new carburetor, believe we have the original carb also .

A few dings noted in picture , notice some rust in tailgate . Been sitting for past three three years was driving when parked .

Selling for owner feel free to ask any questions . Millage is actually!

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