Swedish Fire Chief: 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon

The Volvo 122S is one of those underdog classics that won’t get you first prize at the next Concours d’ Eggplant or even a Friday night domestic car show (gotta be a Chevy or Ford…sorry) but, pound for pound, it will get you more smiles per mile than most.  Find this 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon offered for $3,700 in Mechanicsburg, OH via craigslist.  Tip from Hunter.

The Volvo Amazon (called the 120 series outside of Sweden) was
the more practical older brother to the P1800/1800/1800S/1800ES sports coupe with which it shares all kinds of oily parts. The pre-brick Volvo sedans are starting to see some price appreciation because they offer a great combination of durability and usability in a vintage package. Today’s example isn’t a showroom fresh version, but it offers a rally looking exterior that is ready for whatever dirt/tarmac you can throw at it.

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