Survivor Style: 1974 Toyota Celica ST

Before the product planners at Toyota decided they wanted to chase the lowest common denominator point-A to point-B buyer for maximum market share at any cost, they actually built some interesting, decent looking and fun to drive vehicles.  The first generation Toyota Celica is a perfect example, with styling reminiscent of 60s/70s American cars and a small 4-cylinder engine that powered the right wheels.  Find this 1974 Toyota Celica ST 4-speed here on eBay bidding for $1,225 with 5 days to go, located in Napa, CA.

The first generation Celica hit the US showrooms in 1971 as a Japanese equivalent to the pony car, with
just a step down in sporty character from a Datsun 240Z (two fewer cylinders).  Behind the driver is a
small back seat. The Celica was conceived with an emphasis on fuel economy instead of outright
performance, but you got build quality that far exceeded most domestic
competitors when new.

This Celica is offered by the seller who writes: I am posting this car for my neighbor who is the original owner. She is
getting older now and needs and automatic car to get around town.
  Wow, a little old lady owned 70s classic — you don’t see those every day!  Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those little old ladies who kept everything in perfect shape — and the car will need some reconditioning before you take it and win any awards at the next Japanese nostalgic car show.

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