Supernova Remnant: 1981 Chevrolet Citation

Supernova remnants are the pieces left over from the destruction of a star…in this case that star happens to be Chevrolet’s well loved Nova.  After producing umpteen versions of the Nova over 17 years, Chevrolet finally wired up a detonating plunger and the resulting implosion gave us this mess of debris.  Find this 1981 Chevrolet Citation for sale in San Diego, CA for $1,900 via craigslist.

Even though Chevrolet produced over 1.6M of these gangsta whips, finding an X-body platform in decent driving condition today is rare  Finding one that hasn’t wrapped the odometer several times over is akin to finding dark matter.  This sun-drenched southern California example sports original blue plates and a stated 58K original miles.

Adding to the rarity is 2 doors, bucket seats, and a manual transmission.  By no means will the asthmatic 4-cylinder produce warp speed action, but rowing the vintage gearbox would add to the worldly experience.  The cockpit looks almost fresh with some minor wear and could support the low mileage claim.

Nothing fancy here, just go ole’ 80’s American iron waiting for someone to use up it’s remaining light years galaxy hopping.  After that…well, who really knows what’s on the other side of black holes…  

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