Sunday Sanity Check: 1942 Packard Front & Rear on 1976 Lincoln Town Car body

The Daily Turismo tips inbox is constantly flooded with excellent links for low mile, little old lady owned classics offered for discount prices.  Occasionally the unusual custom is submitted that looks like it was designed by a madman who keeps little old ladies locked in his attic, but we try to limit those posts…well…normally we try to limit them.  Today, not so much.  Today is going to be your Sunday Sanity Check and we are going to unleash a torrent of pent up insanity like none you’ve ever seen.  Lets kick this party off right with this ’42 Packard Front & Rear on ’76 Lincoln Town Car body offered for $8,995 in Walled Lake, MI via craigslist.  Tip from Scooter.

Scarry F.N. Larry’s custom ’76 Lincoln Town Packard is going to be a
tough act to follow, but it makes a great opening act for a day of
custom riddlers.  The seller gives little information about the car
other than that it is a custom machine, but he includes a link to the
builder’s site… 

On the builders site there is a picture of an engine bay and description about a 460 cubic inch V8 engine surrounded by a Wookie sized bandolier of ammunition.  Per the builder “The ammo is all live (we have been kicked out of shows for it) and goes with the car.”  Wow.  Don’t know what to say.  I’ve seen a bullet nose Studebaker before, but never a live ammo fan shroud.

You might be insane if you would drive this car.  This has been your Sunday Sanity Check.