Sunday Drive-In: Real American Hero — The Pintobishi

Most of the stuff that you’ll find on youtube is either professional produced stuff with a gazillionty views or one of the 80 million unwatchable piles of junk that languishes with 17 views .  However, for today’s Sunday Drive-In, I want to highlight an unusually interesting series of videos that only has a handful of views, but is completely awesome.  It is the Pintobishi.

The Pintobishi is a 1974 Ford Pinto that has a modified JDM Mitsubishi Evolution 4-banger with a giant turbocharger pushing power into a 2-speed powerglide.  Why is this not on a constant loop on the front page of the youtube?

The first Pintobishi video is just a simple startup published in May of 2015 and had 161 views as of this morning.

A few months later (now Oct, 2015) and the Pintobishi is doing epic smokey burnouts in random parking lots.  Still only a handful of watches.

In Dec of 2015 the Pintobishi launched its guts all over the finish line at an 1/8th mile track in San Diego. No going viral here either….

Finally, in March of 2016, the Pintobishi is annihilating Mustangs off the line at an 1/8th mile drag strip (looks like RaceLegal at  Qualcomm) and doing the 660 ft in 7.3 seconds at 96 mph.  Maybe if all four of these videos were combined into a single video with some techno beats mixed in over the car noises they’d get more views?