Sunday Drive-In: Fear is the Key

Welcome to Sunday Drive-In, a weekly celebration of stuff on the internet worth watching. This car chase is from the 1973 movie Fear is the Key, which is unfortunately out of print (probably because it is basically unwatchable), but you get to see a few minutes of Barry Newman (famous for driving the white Challenger in Vanishing Point while goosed out of his mind on Benzedrine) driving a 1972 Ford Torino like a madman.

I’d love to be able to send you over to and tell you where to pickup a DVD copy of Fear is the Key, but the film is long out of print in the US region.  You can pickup a copy that will work with a Region 2 DVD player (UK) here on eBay but you will need the correct region DVD player to play it back.

In all likelihood the entire movie is an offense against taste and decency that violates all rules of theology and geometry, and is out of print for a reason…but for someone who has Vanishing Point, The Original Gone in 60 Seconds, and Bullitt in his DVD (Blueray?) collection…I’d buy a copy.