Straight Outta Gotham Sh*tty: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Bruce Wayne tugged at his 7-Eleven name tag and glanced at the clock. I hate the swing shift, he thought behind his dark brown eyes. I want to be fighting crime, not selling cans over overpriced energy drinks. But this wasn’t the millionaire Bruce Wayne from the big screen, this was the Bruce Wayne who was raised by his step grand uncle Alfred in small farming community a few miles outside of downtown Gotham City. And his Bat Mobile wasn’t something assembled using aerospace materials…no…it was assembled from scrap metal and parts sourced from the local pick and pull. Bruce spent more time exchanging used broken rivet guns at his local Harbor Freight than he cared to admit. Not all heroes wear capes, but this one has a big block V8. Find this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette offered for $8000 in Santa Clarita, CA via batbook marketman.

From the seller:

1965 Chevrolet corvette Convertible 2D
Listed 34 weeks ago in Santa Clarita, CA
About This Vehicle
Driven 8,600 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Black · Interior color: Black
Fuel type: Gasoline
Very good condition
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
This is a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette kit car, 454 Big Block, New Tires. You have to drive it to like it. Open for trades, or Make an offer

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