Static Electricity McQueen: 2015ish Spira EV

The Spira is an electric 3-wheeled motorcycle designed and built by SoCal inventor Lon Ballard who believes that his invention can save lives and the planet. The electric powertrain is supported by a honeycomb composite frame and the external body panels are made from styrofoam — think like a car made from those Big Mac boxes that were banned in the 90s. Apparently the Spira can even float on water and there is one heading up to auction at an impound lot in San Bernadino. Find this 2015ish Spira EV offered with a starting bid of $400 for auction in person Sat March 25, 2023 11AM at a live public auction in San Bernadino, CA via the Allen Street Towing instagram channel.

From the seller:

Spira (( enclosed motorcycle )) up for auction Saturday gates open at 11am , this is an EV street legal motorcycle . Goes about 75 mph do your research on this bad boy! Super unique item to add to your collection #spira

See a safer way to soil your pants at 75mph?