Standing Ovation: 1931 Stutz Pack-Age-Car

We all think of seat belts or padded dashboards as the first real move in automotive safety. For Stutz and the Pack-Age-Car company, having the driving position virtually the same as the run-away-away-from-the-flames position was a monumental leap in self-preservation. Yes, a van that you actually stand up to pilot, this 1931 Stutz Pack-age-car is for sale in the capital of safety, Las Vegas, NV for $15,500 via craigslist.

Essentially a 1930’s delivery-Pantera, the Pack-Age-Car had a mid-mounted Hercules flathead four cylinder run through a transaxle. Given that suspension engineers in the depression era were just trying to sort out how their modes of transportation will no longer have knees, we need not analyze the rear suspension geometry of a swing-axle 30’s delivery van. If confronted with a turn at speed, you better take to a starting line pose like Usain Bolt because that tinder box plans to throw your ass past the next stop on the route. The second option would just be to run to the stern of the van, kicking all of your deliverables to the back in the hopes of inciting some understeer via some newfound rear grip.

This particular example actually has a tiny seat bottom, which is kind of nice and ultimately for the greater good. however, also a total cop-out given the nature of the beast. It’s like having a blisteringly fast R3 Lark with power brakes or a Cummins Dodge with an automatic. The rest of the interior looks like the inside of a casket, which is a happy coincidence if you’re a slow runner.

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