Squad Car: 1985 Ford LTD Police Sedan

There is something inherently cool about used service vehicles – it doesn’t matter if it was a street sweeper or a mine sweeper, but the idea of getting industrial grade stuff for a consumer use is intriguing.  Used police cars also fit into this category; they were equipped with heavier duty shocks, sway bars, and all kinds of stuff not available at your local dealer.  Find this 1985 Ford LTD Police Sedan here on eBay with a starting bid of $3,500 located in Livermore, CA with auction ending on Christmas day.

The 4th and final generation of Ford’s LTD was built from 1983 through 1986 on the Fox platform along with the Mercury Marquis and Lincoln Continental.  It was as close to a 4-door Mustang as you could purchase and the last of the mid-sized rear-drive Fords.  This one is a decommissioned Police car, and as such has a number of goodies, like a limited slip out back, 140 mph speedo, thicker sway bars (front/rear), extra engine/trans/power steering oil coolers, and a high output alternator. 

Under the hood is a Ford 5.0 liter HO (high output) Windsor V8 with an air cleaner that make it looks carburetor fed, but is actually electronically fuel injected at the throttle body.  Power was rated at 165 horsepower when new, which won’t give you the chills today, but it wasn’t bad for the time. 

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