Spot The Classics: A Volkswagen Beetle…Plus More

This next feature centers around a listing for a Beetle, but that isn’t the interesting part, because the seller has a garage/street/yard full of cool old classics.  Find this 1965 Volkswagen Beetle offered for $2,200 in Berkeley, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy.

The city of Bezerkely is known for a few things, notably protesters, hippies, homeless, homeless hippies, and homeless protesting hippies — but beyond the anti-consumer anti-normal vibe is an undercurrent of hipster — maybe even meta hipster.  What that means is that if you get a “car collector” in Berkeley, he isn’t going to have a C3 Vette or 911 in his driveway, but he might have a Volkswagen parked next to an E-Type — but things get more interesting in the garage.  What can you find?  And what is under that tarp?

Special bonus internet points* available to the first person to correctly (as deemed correct by a consensus) get all the cars in these two pics.

*Points redeemable in the afterlife — no returns after 30 days.