Soup’s Ready: 1957 Hand Built in America

The hot rod car culture is known for combining elements from different genres in a single build, but this next thing is really pushing the limits. It also pushes the limits of physics and good sense — but those are limits that need testing.  Find this 1957 Hand Built in America custom offered for $2,500 in Belfair, WA via craigslist. Tip from JB1025.

The central part of the “design” of this buggy is a central single pod mounted ’56 Buick headlight that reminds me more than a little bit of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Mysterion.  However, the headlight sits on an articulating front axle assembly that moves when you turn the steering wheel.  Handling should be interesting.

Powering this 2-seat death kart is a Buick Nailhead V8 that is equipped with classic dragster style straight pipes, which are known more for making terrible noises than low end torque.  Just be sure to remove the soup cans (probably used to stop spiders from finding their way into the engine) before engaging the starter unless you want to spend the next 30 minutes searching the surrounding area for your soup cans.

See a better car for picking up your mother-in-law from the airport?