Something Something Something Jet Engine: 1970s Jet Dragster Allison J35

This next car is either a really expensive project that needs thousands of dollars of work to get it on the road…or a really good deal on a jet engine sitting on a “vehicle” chassis.  Not sure which yet…but I’d take it for a test drive. Find this 1970s Jet Dragster Allison J35 here on eBay offered for $10,000 buy-it-now. 

From the seller:
This is a jet dragster that we bought years and years ago, we are always going to make a car burner out of it but never got that far, the front is cut off because I’m 6 foot five and wouldn’t fit in the original cockpit. I don’t know the history of it but it does have eight bolt  magnesium wheels, at least they look like them, we built new tanks for it and got new Hoosier tires for it, although that was probably 10 years ago. Also comes with a complete, and I mean complete extra Allison 33. It has everything on it as it came out of the plane. With he unfortunate passing of my good friend Doug Rose last year there is going to be a need for car burners out there. Huge project but it’ll be worth it at the end. Also a pile of body panels around here somewhere.


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