Some Motorcycles: 1988 BMW R 75

This next feature is for a pair of older BMW motorcycles and comes as a tip from David who says; Not a car, but an astonishing BMW deal anyway. Seriously, an amazing deal for any airhead. I’m not a motorcycle guy, but I will say that there is one that looks older and has an aircooled flat-two-cylinder engine and the other is newer (but not newish) and looks like the future from 1988. The few times I’ve driven (ridden?) a motorcycle was terrifying and exciting — but the best part to me would be the lost cost of entry and the fact that I could have like 10 of them in the garage before the wife figured out that it wasn’t just one in pieces. Find these 1988ish BMW motorcycles offered for $3000 in Brandenton, FL via the facemelting marketberg.

From the seller:

1988 BMW R 75
Listed 4 hours ago in Bradenton, FL
About This Vehicle
Driven 1,474 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Blue
1 owner

Seller’s Description
Selling a pair of BMW motorcycles for 3000. Been sitting for a numbers of years and was running great when parked. Untouched for years. All paper work, helmet, suites, books cargo boxes etc lots of extra!!

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