Some Assembly Required: 1959 Falcon Caribbean

If you see this next car and get a primordial tingling of deja vu…you might be right, because we’ve featured this car before…and not just another Falcon Caribbean kit car, but this exact Falcon Caribbean was featured in a “what am I?” post in 2014. It is, unfortunately, still in the same semi-finished state as before and the Ford Anglia chassis (probably not the Austin 7 as specified by the seller) is not entirely sorted under the fiberglass body. Get it for cheap, store it, don’t actually do anything to it, and then sell for the same price a few years later. Sounds like a recipe for success. Find this 1959 Falcon Caribbean offered for $7800 via facebag monsterbook.

From the seller:

1959 Lotus 2-Eleven
Listed 12 weeks ago in Los Angeles, CA
About This Vehicle
Driven 300 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: White · Interior color: Red
Fuel type: Gasoline
Good condition
Seller’s description

this unique vehicle is a rare 1959 Falcon Caribbean. less that 2000 of these were created, and only a handful exist in the U.S. this project was set up for street and race track use and features a number of unusual vintage racing modifications. the body resembles the stylish lines of the early Lotus Elite. this body has never been mounted, cut or drilled, and is essentially 1959 “brand new”. the chassis is an Austin 7 featuring Ballamy independent front suspension conversion, and lightweight Ballamy wheels with vintage Pirelli tyres. the engine is the English Ford 1172cc sidevalve (Ford 10), but it features the rare Elva head with I.O.E. (hi-po intake over exhaust valve) conversion, for additional power and is an amazing talking point. elva dual carb intake. Aquaplane performance covers and accessories. close ratio transmission gearing. custom matched rear end gear ratio. additional parts included. will require assembly, fabrication and completion. will require towing to transport. once completed this can be a one of a kind vintage street legal sports racer like no other. interesting vintage automotive trades considered. worldwide shipping is our specialty. ;

See a better way to store a classic?