Solid Driver Class: 1970 MGB GT

The MGB GT was a 3-door version of the roadster MGB that offered 2+2 seating and a greenhouse designed by Pininfarina that was like not much else on the road when it was launched in 1965.  Today, the B GT is a common classic, but to find one in good running condition with no rust and decent paint for $5k is not that common.  Find this 1970 MGB GT offered for $5,100 in Lompoc, CA via craigslist. Tip from Andrey.

The seller is very upfront about the car having a recent respray, which is at the same time both a concern and breath of fresh air.  The concerning part is that paint takes a few months to fully cure and all kinds of bad prep work will appear during the first year, but the seller isn’t asking a bunch and the candor is appreciated.  

Under the hood of the MGB GT is a simple B-series inline-4 cylinder engine displaces 1.8
liters and is rated at 95 horsepower and 104 ft-lbs of torque.  Of course it is shifted via a 4-speed manual gearbox with Laycock type LH overdrive (although there was a 3-speed slushbox version available, but few sold when new).

See a better way to spend your cash on a classic?