Snow Day Fun: 1970 Playcat 400

The other day I was reading an article about a little piece of machinery that is powered by a Cat C2.2 diesel engine and can traverse just about any terrain, from mud, to snow, to soup — it is the amphibious vehicle called the FAT Truck. This thing is an amazing piece of machinery but it cost $127,000 (not sure if that is CAD or USD, but it is expensive to say the least) so we need to find something cheaper that isn’t quite as capable and maybe needs some elbow grease. As luck would have it, we got this next thing as a tip yesterday: Find this 1970 Playcat 400 offered for $1250 in Anchorage, AK via craigslist. Tip from Zach.

From the seller:

Late 60s track rig. 400cc kohler engine runs great, transmission, belt, steering all in good shape. Has a rip in a track and needs a fuel tank. Dropped 300 dollars due to roll bar damage removing it from ice.

See a better way to explore the ice?