Smurfdozer: 2003 Honda Element

It is a scary world out there people, so you’d better be prepared. For what? Maybe the Smurfpocalypse? You know, when dead Smurfs bust from their underground tombs and come back as Zombie Smurfs like a plague of little blue locusts. What can you do to prepare? Paint your car like a tribute to My Little Pony and cover it in solar panels and then kidnap a family of intelligent raccoons to start your own cult. No no, don’t do the last part. That’s just wrong. Instead, you should buy a unicorn barf covered elephant. Find this 2003 Honda Element offered for $4,200 in Garden Grove, CA via facebarf brickbbqbook.

From the seller:

2003 Honda element
Listed a week ago in Garden Grove, CA
About This Vehicle
Driven 195,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Blue
Fuel type: Gasoline
This vehicle is paid off
Seller’s Description

2003 Honda Element ….dream car, work car, camping vehicle
Runs good. No ac . Many modifications
By a former skilled technician, but selling as is .. smogged
Rear view cam and dash cam system.
Microwave, dryer, tent, sink, shower, solar powered night lights plus extras

See a better way to end up on a gov’t watch list?