Smaller is better: 1975 Honda CB400F

Commenter/Tipper Zach Z. writes:  “Sure, archaic by modern bike standards (wait, what vehicle on DT isn’t?) – but a nice looking survivor – .  I can’t argue with Zach on either point.  Find this 1975 Honda CB400F for sale in Arvada, CO for $4,400 via craigslist.

Tip from Zach Z.

The CB400F was Honda’s sindwinder piped cafe bike of the mid-70’s.  They spent a fair amount of time at the bottom of the depreciation curve, where most were ridden hard and put away wet or hacked up into some fraken-bobber or cafe racer.   The seller had plans to do that to this bike, but is now decided to sell it as it is too nice to hack up.  It’s hard to tell in the gloomy garage photos, but it does look like the tank has a large dent in the side.

Given the dent, it might be a tad overpriced, but if you squint a bit, it looks like it may have low miles, given the 5 digit odo still has a leading 0.

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