Small Fry: 1963 Datsun NL320 Monster Truck

In the world of the 4X4 mini truck, the Suzuki Samurai reigns supreme — but there are times when a classic competitor arrives and puts the Samurai on notice.  Notable custom examples include the ‘72 Honda N600 custom, the ’65 Austin Mini Meep, the ’68 Citroen 2CV LeSami and the ’61 MG Midget thing, but today’s oddball Datsun really gives the others a run for the money.  Find this 1963 Datsun NL320 Monster Truck here on eBay bidding for $1,655 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located in Oakland, CA.

The classic NL320 we featured the other day was pictured between two modern full sized trucks and clearly was suffering from some size issues, but today’s example has taken a handful of those blue pills and is…well..almost as big as an early Toyota RAV4.

The NL320 was the unibody version of the Datsun 320 pickup and had its bed integrated into the body sheet metal instead of a standalone bed like most pickups.  Something on the order of 1200 were imported into the USA, but this one has been mounted on top of a set of Jeep running gear and is powered by a Ford V6.

See a cooler custom mini-sized monster truck?