Slip n Slide: 1937 INEX Legends Racer

If you don’t know anything about Legends racing, let me give you a quick overview. First started in 1992, the Legends class uses a steel backbone chassis with 5/8 scale replica body shell designed to look like mid ’30s Ford/Chevy/Dodge Coupe that you’d have seen in early NASCAR races back in the day. The Legends car formula uses Yamaha motorcycle engines and some basic suspension/brakes to make racing as affordable as possible. The best part is that the little Legends cars race on both asphalt and dirt — so you get slip, slide, or drift if that’s your thing. Find this 1937 Inex Legends Racer offered for best offer in Vass, NC via faceplace marketbroken. Tip from John W.

From the seller:

1937 Inex legends
Listed 11 weeks ago in Vass, NC
Seller’s Description

Legends Racecar For Sale
Race ready
2 sets of wheels and tires
Few spare parts
Make offers obo
Buy today Race today

See a better way to drive something little and zippy?