Slam Trunk: 1958 BMW Isetta, LA Lakers Tribute

Driving a BMW Isetta in traffic is going to be a nerve racking experience, no matter how you cut it, but I can’t imagine that having a life sized Jack Nicholson head bursting out on the passenger side makes it any less stressful. HERE’S JOHNNY! And then there’s famed funny man Adam Sandler laughing at you because you were one of the three suckers who purchased full priced tickets to his latest rom-com flop, and then a sweaty Kobe Bryant staring at you with his tongue out like you are some kind of hotel maid…WHAT SORT OF HOUSE OF HORRORS IS THIS?  Find this 1958 BMW Isetta Laker Tribute offered here on eBay bidding for $3,151 reserve-not-met with 8 days to go, located in Upland, CA.

Truth be told, this vehicle isn’t a house of horrors, unless you are a Clippers fan or maybe a ’60s Celtics fan.  However, if you are a big short Lakers fan, this Isetta might just be the best vehicle you can find.  The builder dropped some serious coin/time into building this Lakers tribute, and the best arena side pic he could get is next to the Inland Empire Citizens Bank Arena?  Presumably it was parked out front during the annual preseason Lakers game, but he might have lucked out with a primo parking spot at last week’s goat rodeo and swap meet.

Eat your heart out Billy Crystal — smack dab next to a wicked Spalding (the maker of the official NBA game ball since 1983) embossed basketball skinned seat is a photo of Sandler guffawing and Nicholson aging.  Courtside Hollywood celebrities is as much a part of the LA Lakers tradition as is giant sweaty dudes throwing balls into hoops…if anything those athletes just get in the way of paparazzi taking candids anyway. 

See a better car for your inner Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?