Sketchy: 1967 Ford Taunus

Do you remember the feeling as a kid when you would give someone a few quarters or a dollar in exchange for an IOU?  It was a dicey proposition where you might end up with nothing or some promised valuable item the kid will bring from home…now…imagine that situation multiplied by four thousand.  Find this 1967 Ford Taunus here on eBay offered for $4,400 buy-it-now located in Belgrade, Serbia.

I’ve never been to Serbia, but I hear it is supposed to be a nice place to visit, and the car pictured in the advertisement could very well be in Serbia, but the likelihood that you will get a car delivered in a container 4 to 6 weeks after you send a pile of hard-earned smackeroos to Serbia…well…it’s about as likely as Donald Trump becoming the next President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Still…as this past 2 year election has demonstrated, anything…I MEAN ANYTHING can happen. 

See a better way to send your money into a black hole?