Simplify, Then Add Turbos: 2012 Audi R8 GT V10

The fastest new car that you can by from a major OEM right now is a sensible looking 4-door family car that doesn’t spew harmful gasses out the exhaust pipe or use ground up puppies for windshield washer fluid and its a darn shame. Yeah, the Tesla Model S Plaid might hit 60 mph at 2.06 seconds, but it doesn’t take years off your life and the only thing positive you can say about it is that it certainly helps a lot of third world dictators with their lithium mining operations for the batteries and it has maimed a few people with battery fires…but it is NOTHING compared to a twin turbocharged V10 powered Audi R8 that is missing its sheet metal. This car will rip your face off so hard that you grandchildren will need a skin graft. Rumor is that Jay Leno got his jowls sucked into the turbo intake while driving this thing to cause his recent hospital stay. A bit above the typical DT price limit, but this car is a bit above the typical anything. Find this 2012 Audi R8 V10 bidding for $49,900 reserve-not-met in Los Angeles, CA via eBay.

From the seller:

Behind the Build
From the builders behind YouTube’s @ScrapLifeGarage, the Audi R8 Twin-Turbo KART is a truly one-of-a-kind R8. This extremely rare 2012 R8 GT was given a second chance at life after an unfortunate accident with a previous owner. The build’s unique exposed inner frame structure and billet twin-turbocharged race engine have this street legal kart weighing only 3,300 lbs and cruising with beyond 1,500 hp. A potent combination producing blistering 3.8 second 60-130mph times and 185mph 1/3mile roll race speeds. The team at Scrap Life took this build to the next level with a Carbon Fiber Wind Splitter, Toyo Proxes R888R Tires, Audi R8 GMG Racing GT Roll bar, and – if you’re worried about too much speed – a parachute to help slow things down. Custom chromoly door bars and tubular front structure protect the massive single radiator to help keep things cool. Extreme looks and staggering horsepower numbers don’t change the fact that this Audi drives like a factory tuned machine. With several 500+ mile road trips under the car’s belt over the past year. This vehicle does have a clean title with accident notations on the vehicle history report.

See a better way to drive something INSANE?