Silver Streak: 2002 BMW M5 E39

Owning a high mile M5 is a bit like having a freshwater caiman as a pet.  Most neighbors will look at you funny, your gas/meat bill is going to increase, you will find out which of your neighbors are car/reptile enthusiast…but, most certainly, you will lose an arm/leg if something goes wrong. Find this 2002 BMW M5 here on eBay bidding for $12,000 with a few hours to go, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Sales of the E39 M5 started in 1998, when it superseded the E34 M5 that had been absent from BMW’s North American lineup since 1995.  Gone was the rev happy and silky inline-6, and it its place was a brutish V8 that moved the M5 closer to muscle sedan than sports sedan.

Powering the E39 is a 4.9 liter S62 V8 that is rated at 394 horsepower and 369
ft-lbs of torque.  Like all E39 M5s, this one is shifted by a standard
6-speed manual gearbox
that puts power to a limited slip differential out the back — it was built in the time before electric doodads-gadgets and thingamgiggers gave cars sub 4.0 second 0-60mph times, but it does one heckofashow when you mash the loud pedal.

Owning an E39 M5 is not without its pitfalls, and I seriously recommend that anyone considering a purchased read this 2014 article by Tavarish on Jalopnik, the E39 M5 buyer guide and this FAQ on M5Board forums, or the FAQ.  If you don’t go into E39 M5 ownership with your boots on and your catching net handy, you might find that some teeth are sharper than others.

See another V8 powered brute for a daily driver?