ShortVan: 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

This next car comes as a tip from Kester who writes: On my shortlist of possible VW Eurovans.  Ohhh…zing!  Hacking 3 feet of length out of your van sorta defeats the purpose of having a van in the first place…but given the choice betwix this and a Smart Car…I’d drive this short bus. Handling will be sketchier than the time I replaced my steering coupler with slinky, but the muppet skin seat covers will absorb any pooh that might leak out when you change lanes on the highway.  Find this 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan offered for $1200 in St. Cloud, MN via craigslist.

From the seller:

For Sale a 1993 VW Eurovan Project or parts.This van is being —SOLD AS-IS—.It has a clear title and Runs and drives.This vehicle has not been on the road in about 5 years.It is a 5 cylinder 2.5L Motor Front Wheel Drive with an Automatic.It has 20 inch wheels on the rear with Brand New Tires,The front have stock rims with like New Tires.

[I do have the other 2 –20inch rims with tires that go with ].The van has been shortened 36 inche.It does have rust and bondo.So if you want it give me a call–THERE ARE NO TEST DRIVES OTHER THEN IN MY DRIVEWAY.–So bring a trailer or car hauler or you may be able to drive it home?-PROJECT OR PARTS–NO INSURANCE ON IT AND NO CURRENT TABS–Price is—$1200–O.B.O–Cash on PICKUP-SOLD —AS-IS–AS-IS—-CALL—-NO EMAILS—I will delete ad when sold—van,volkswagen,bus,rat rod,bug

See a better way to drive something with a short fuse?