Sentra Clásico : 2014 Nissan Tsuru

So I was perusing Tijuana craigslist the other day…and wait…there’s a Tijuana craigslist? I thought all of craigslist was basically a virtual version of TJ? Anyway, it is everything you’d expect when searching craigslist cars-and-trucks by owner — Corvettes, Isuzu trucks, bulldogs, parrots, and then I found a B13 Nissan Sentra that was made in 2014..which might sound weird to the typical gringo, but down south of the border they continued to make the 1990 Sentra through 2017. Except the seller was asking $50k for the Sentra…wait is that pesos or dólares? Mmm. That seems to be a sticking point in the TJ craigslist, half the users enter US dollars in their asking price and the other half ask for pesos. But I think that $50k pesos ($2500 USD) is a mighty good deal for an 8 year old Nissan Sentra that looks like it is 30 years old. Find this 2014 Nissan Tsuru offered for $50k pesos ($2500 USD) in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico via craigslist.

From the seller:

4 Unidades Tsuru disponibles
Marca: Nissan
Modelo: Tsuru
Año: 2014
Transmisión: Manual
Color: 2 Rojo – 3 Blanco
PRECIO: $50,000.00 x Unidad

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