Seller Submission: The Beast 1986 GMC 2500 Suburban

This next seller submission is from Tim C.who writes:  I’ve decided to sell the beast. Its just a rusty but trusty old suburban
and it’ll probably go to some yokel for $1000 but I’d love to see it go
to a good home. We only had it for a few years but it was the car I
hauled my newborn triplets around in so it has some serious sentimental
value. I’d love to fix it back up but I’ve go no time or money so I
thought I’d see if any one here might like it. Would be a great race car
hauler, as long as gas stays cheap, it pulled a drag car before I
bought it
.  Find the beast, a 1986 GMC 2500 Suburban offered for $1400 in Corning, NY via craigslist.

Tim continues: Oh and the Odo says 35k, but I have no
idea how many times its rolled over. maybe it really is 35, but its a
low compression big block with a th400 and a full 14bolt, it could have
435k and it wouldn’t change my opinion of the truck.

the underside isn’t nearly as bad as you might expect, it was in PA
until I bought it and they sand the roads instead of salt. I have some
pics from when we first got it and it looked pretty good other than the
peeling paint on the hood from a crappy respray.

The seventh generation GMC/Chevrolet Suburban was a four door monster built on a chassis shared with the third generation of GM’s C/R & K/V trucks.  These are serious machines and the beast looks like a good running (but ugly) example offered for a fair price.

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