Seller Submission: 2008 Zap Xebra PK

The Zap Xebra (pronounced Zebra?) is an entirely electric vehicle imported from China by the Zap Motor company, which is known for its early work in Americanizing a few hundred Daimler Chrylser’s Smart Cars for US roads before it was embroiled in a series of lawsuits with Daimler.  Find this 2008 Zap Xebra PK Pickup here on eBay bidding for $710 reserve-not-met located in Austin, TX.  Seller submission from Michael.

From the seller:

Beyond exclusive!  2008 ZAP Xebra PK pick-up electric vehicle.  Superb for hauling dogs to and from the park (protective grating included).  Numerous upgrades to factory version to make reliable and dependable.  Recall problem addressed with new factory master cylinder.     Has a couple of rust areas; from factory treated with POR-15.  All weather cover included (golf cart style).

With a range somewhere around 40 miles (the seller mentions going 36 miles without running out of juice), a top speed around 40mph, seating for 4, and a 1000 lb cargo capacity, this thing looks like a great inner city runner.

See a better short range pet transporter?