Seller Submission: 1991 BMW 318is

The E30 generation BMW was available in a few different sporty trim options — first was the hot rod M3, a screaming 4-cylinder powered canyon carver; Next was the 325is, an inline-6 powered sport-luxo car that offered more torque and more refinement; Finally there was the 318is which offered light weight and 4-cylinder power, similar in concept to the M3 but at a much lower price/speed point.  Find this 1991 BMW 318is here on eBay with opening bid of $2000 (and on here on craigslist for $2,500) located in Barrington, IL. Seller submission from Dave.

 The 318is was certainly slower than the 325 and less mental than the M3, but it has a certain David (as in …vs Goliath) character that cannot be denied.  With a manual gearbox and routine maintenance it would make a fantastic first car for a young gearhead.  

This 318is was rescued from  some storage unit, barn, or some other house of horrors — but the seller says that it starts/runs and can be driven short distances.  However, the car does stall from time-to-time and the brakes work about as well as dragging your Keds on the pavement — budget some maintenance and elbow grease before you can cruise around like a boss.

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