Seller Submission: 1990 Nissan S-Cargo

This next classic piece of JDM metal comes as a seller submission from Adam who noticed that we’d featured his car when he had created a “crappy” ad. The new revised advertisement is better and DT is happy to feature this thing Pike group car again. Find this 1990 Nissan S-Cargo offered for $5,000 in Bellingham, WA via facecrash betterbook.

From the seller:

1990 Nissan s-cargo
Listed 5 days ago in Bellingham, WA
About This Vehicle
Driven 55,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Off_white · Interior color: Grey
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fair condition
Seller’s Description
I am reposting this with better pictures and descriptions. I’ve had a ton of interest as well a ton of questions. 1990 Nissan S-cargo RHD van. Uses carburated Nissan Sentra engine. Previous owner told me he had the timing belt changed. I have zero proof of this. I’m just repeating what I was told. Things that don’t work are the horn button doesn’t honk the horn, the heater fan doesn’t work although if puts out heat, the A/C doesn’t work.

See a better way to drive something pikey?