Seller Submission: 1990 BMW 325i E30

This next feature is a seller submission from Mike who writes:  Yes, this is my car.  I have decided to thin the herd and focus on a smaller number of vehicles.  It’s time to send this one to another garage will someone will put more miles on it. Find this 1990 BMW 325i offered for $4,000 in Richmond, VA via craigslist.

The E30 generation 3-series is a fantastic car for beginner or seasoned driver alike.  The chassis isn’t burdened with unneeded weight, the inline-6 is powerful, and steering is precise.  Sure, they have some of the typical German car foibles of the 80s/90s; cooling system needs regular overhaul, electrics will have quirks, and the plastic parts are getting near end of life. Count on some baselining by replacing cooling system parts in any E30 – E46 3er after purchase.

The engine under the hood is a M20B25 “small six” that puts out 168
horsepower and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.  No word on
which rear end this E30 is equipped with, but many came with limited slip
diff in the back. This one has a set of H&R springs, Koni shocks and Porterfield brake pads — sounds like fun!

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