Seller Submission: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 240D W123

This next car is a 1981 Mercedes-Benz 240D located in NYC that comes as a seller submission from Jeremy who writes: Yes, it has rust in the fenders and bottom of drivers door. Yes, it has some blowby. Yes the clearcoat is peeling, the paint is original, it has a couple inexplicable dents. The glow plugs are 14 years old and probably need to be replaced. It started in 5 degree weather this winter without a block heater.

However, I did a huge amount of preventative maintenance so my ex could take our kid around safely and I did not have to hear about any breakdowns or failures on my behalf. Please review ad for brief summary of work done to make this a reality.

It is a driver, good from 10-15 feet if you squint, depending on the light. But the A/C blows cold, every little thing works on it besides cruise control, which works sometimes, if you are comfortable using a 40 year old manually actuated cruise control. Also the Becker stereo eats tapes or alternately vomits them back out. The AM/FM works beautifully, antenna goes up and down every time. I drove it 350 miles on Saturday morning and it returned 30mpg. 

More from the seller:

Up for sale (regrettably) is my 1981 Mercedes Benz 240D diesel. Equipped with the rare four speed manual transmission and the tobacco brown MBtex interior.

Brought up from North Carolina in 2016, this car takes 1000+ mile trips without breaking a sweat. Easily the most comfortable highway car I have ever owned, will cruise 70 all day.

EVERYTHING works on it but the clock, just cut out in February. lights, dash instruments, blower, fan, radio, antenna, power locks, ETC ETC if you want to know more, ASK ME. If you want more photos, ASK ME.

TONS of new parts. I have always run Zerex coolant, Diesel Kleen fuel treatment on every fill up, and with few exceptions it has always received Rotella 15W40, oil changes every 3000 miles, with a half bottle of Lucas stabilizer. ALL parts are OEM and from Mercedes when possible.

I am meticulous with my cars, and keep as many records as possible. I am not meticulous with relationships, and I lost a bit of paperwork for the vehicle in a break up. Mostly oil changes and fuel/air filter in my ownership. The following is what this car has records for.


Significant services incl. tie rods, thrust alignment, a/c services, aux fan, tank dropped, screen, filter, sending unit, flex disc, door checks, exh hangers, rebuilt cluster, return lines, right rear axle, glow plugs, oil pressure gauge line & fitting, 90k defender tires. Full records available from this period but way too many to list.


Front pads, calipers, rotors


Front shocks

Control arms

Ball joints

Rad cap

Shift bushings

Swaybar links

Shift rod clips

Valve cover gasket

7x dash bulbs

Vac line

Rear vac cell and system test

Seatbelt latch rear

Lock rod

Trans flush

Valve adjust

Heater control cable




Motor mounts

Driveshaft center bearing and support

PS pump and steering box flush


Clutch master and slave


Exhaust from axle back, hanger


1000 CCA heavy duty Durlast Battery with warranty

Owned by the same guy in North Carolina and serviced at Foreign Service in Raleigh from 1996-2015. I bought it from the head mechanic who gave me all the records they had since they switched over to computer system for service records..

This is a driver, not a show car. It is original paint, has dings, two dents which are pictured, it is a bit more than 10 foot car. Cleans up nice but the price is more reflective of the solid underpinnings. Body work is much cheaper than the mechanical work this car has had.

Some rust, bottom of driver’s door and passenger fender are the main spots. Glow plugs were done in 2004, they will need to be done before winter. Hence the adjusted price. You can send me all the listings for rust free w123 cars you want to, but many of these cars have not had maintenance issues addressed. There is no structural damage on this car. Strut towers, pinch welds, rockers, undercarriage are in good shape. Left front fender was bumped in a parking lot, tried to show dent as well as I could. Hit and run so no info. Headlight surround has some hairline cracks.

Text if you are interested, or email me with your phone number and I will give you a call. I don’t have a voicemail at the moment.

nine one 9 six oh five four 78eight

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