Seller Submission: 1979 Toyota Celica ST

This next car comes as a seller submission from AndrewM who put together a decent listing and is asking a reasonable price for a modern classic. I’m not sure what shade of brown this car came from the factory, but with some age it looks like a vintage leather belt. I believe that the coupe version of the Celica has aged better than the faux-Mustang look of the fastback…prove me wrong in the comments below. Find this 1979 Toyota Celica ST offered for $3,850 in Bend, OR via craigslist.

From the seller:

1979 toyota celica
condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 113248
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: coupe
1979 Toyota Celica ST coupe. Lots of work and parts in this Celica, but it’s time to sell it and I’d like to see it go to an enthusiast. I was going to do a mild resto-mod with it, but I haven’t bonded with it like my other vehicles, so I’ve moved on. Runs nicely with a steady idle, great brakes, and starts right up. Good fun to throw about on twisting roads. Usually used locally, but has been reliable for many road trips to and from Portland, Eugene, and Baker City. Very complete original car with minimal damage and nice upgrades, read below for all the work and parts put into it. Please excuse the dustyness of the car, I live on a farm in the high desert and it’s impossible to keep it shiny.

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Upgrades & pros
• All smog equipment disconnected and related vacuum ports capped off.
• Original AM/FM radio works great.
• Weber carb with manual choke and fuel pressure regulator, tuned just right for 900rpm idle and easy starting, buyer will receivce the original Ansin carb (needs rebuilding if you’re going to use it) and original toyota air filter housing.
• Working factory AC.
• All guages and warning lights work.
• Comp Cams #87-123-6, grind #T20 260S-110.
• Professionally re-upholstered seats in the front.
• Professionally replaced brand new headliner.
• Fully re-sealed exhaust system with new gaskets and sealant.
• Weir solid pinion spacer.
• Energy Suspension 8.3109G ploy bushes kit for the rear suspension.
• Engine overhaul with new timing chain and sporcket, head and block resurface, new gaskets, rod recondition and valve grind.

Parts replaced
(order later, all new parts within 3k)
• New water pump
• New clutch disk
• New starter
• New engine mounts
• New transmission mount
• New distributor unit, rotor, and cap
• New fuel filter
• New brake rotors and pads
• Rebuilt calipers with new seals
• New upper & lower flexible brake hoses (front)
• New inner & outer bearings and races (front)
• New driveshaft center support bearings
• New U-Joints (all three) and driveshaft balanced
• New inner & outer pinon bearings and races plus pinion seal
• New differential carrier bearings and races
• New wheel/axle bearings and seals (rear)
• New wheel cylinders and rebuilt drums
• New exhaust hangers
• New rear shocks

Parts that come with the car
• Complete Luk clutch kit
• New dashboard cap
• Rear brake shoes
• Rear brake flex hose
• Misc gaskets

• Typical old-car interior rattles
• Something in the catalytic converter rattles at low speed, I ran it with a cat-delete, but put it back on for the sale.
• Sometimes on zero-throttle deceleration there is a rattle/rumble from the front half of the car that I can’t locate.
• Doors are stiff to latch, the hinges are in great shape, but a piece of rubber is missing from the door mechinism. Parts diagrams refer to is as the “isolator”.
• Driver side window wobbles a bit when down.
• AC belt has been removed. The AC belt tensioner is the air injection pump, and one day the pump’s internals siezed up so the pully no longer rotated and I had to remove the belt. Removed and disasembled the pump to figure out a fix, the buyer will receive the pump housing, pully, and remaining non-borken parts.
• A chunk of the center console plastic broke off, I have all the pieces so that it can be repaired.
• Previous owner put too small of tires on it, indicated 65 is just over 55.

See a better way to drive something brown?