Seller Submission: 1978 Mazda RX-7 V8 Swap

This next seller submission is a Daily Turismo exclusive that comes from Steve W located in Houston Texas.  It looks like a real gem of a V8 swapped RX-7 with a nice looking interior and exterior.  Find this  1978 Mazda RX-7 V8 Swap for $15,000 here on DailyTurismo…just send at email to and we’ll put you in contact with the seller.

Per Steve:

the rx7 is located in houston texas the Odometer shows 32k .has
 1968 well built 302 V8 backed up to a t5 5spd factory jdm posi rear
diff .the car runs fantastic. no
A/C would be perfect for some one who lives up north or in California
it’s to hot  in texas in the summer to enjoy it unless you are a lizard
or a gecko.every thing else works.

i am not a gecko so it get’s driven 3
months out of the year i wan’t 15k for this car i have had this car for a
long time done a lot of really cool thing’s to this car you can look
all you wan’t you will not find a first gen of this caliber

A well built 302 with fuel injection mated to a T5 manual is a good combination that will keep most speed junkies very happy for years. 

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