Seller Submission: 1950 Mercury Custom Truck

As the dust settled from World War II, the guys at Ford started selling Mercury badged trucks in Canada (to take advantage of the large Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor dealer network), but today’s Mercury pickup started life as a 1950 Mercury Eight sedan that has been El Camino’d, chopped, widened, slapped on a different chassis and customized.  Find this 1950 Mercury Custom Truck offered for $17,000 in Pawtucket, RI via craigslist. Seller submission from Greg.

My first thought when I saw this thing was — wow, that is the strangest Mercury grill I’ve ever seen…except that it isn’t — the seller has done extensive modifications to this thing — just read this part:  front fenders widened 3″, chopped 5″, 1957 Cadillac bumper and 1959
taillights, corvette grill, ford truck used for the back of the cab.
1955 Chevy bed fenders extended 11″ on a custom bed with a custom
tailgate that does not open. The wood bed does not lift up the frame and
gas tank are located directly under it.

So, it is very customized from a cosmetic perspective, but what about the greasy parts — here is where it gets good, the entire body is mounted in a ’97 Mercury Grand Marquis chassis and it is powered by a Ford 4.6l Modular V8 that is mated to a 5-speed manual mated to a 3.27 posi 8.8″ out back — this thing is wicked.

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