Scuzzy Bugeye: 1960 Triumph Sprite

The Austin Healey Bugeye (or Frogeye if you are British) Sprite is a car that can always put a smile on your face.  Its own bug eating grill is permanently frozen with a look of glee and optimism — you just can’t hate the little guy, even if it is a disaster on a trailer. Find this 1960 Triumph Sprite offered for $1500 CAD ($1119 USD) in Vancouver, BC via craigslist.  Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:

1960 Triumph Sprite 

fuel: gas 

title status: missing 

transmission: manual 

I have a complete Bug eye Sprite. I don’t have papers. but can be received from ICBC , Car is on trailer, I can deliver if deal is made, has 1 seized brake. Car is amazing, I just don’t have time,,,

Triumph, Sprite, Car, Volkswagen, British,

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