Scrambler Mouse: 1965 Honda CL77 Scrambler 305

Motorcycle scrambles were a predecessor to modern day motocross.  The idea was invented by the British in the 20’s as an off-road cross country race – “a rare old scramble”.  It found its way to America after WW2 and we put our on spin on it as a Hare Scramble or desert enduro.  At first big American or British bikes were converted for use in scrambles, but then the Japanese came along with smaller lighter bikes.   Find this 1965 Honda CL77 Scrambler 305 for sale in Mountlake Terrace, WA for $4,700 via craigslist.

Powered by a 305cc OHV parallel twin, the Scrambler 305 put out 29 horsepower at a lofty 9,000 rpm, in contrast to lower revving bikes of the period.  The 180 firing order of its twin is said to be loud as hell with its unbaffled, high mounted twin straight pipes.  The high mounted chrome pipes were an offroading fashion, prior to the discovery of suspension travel.  Even though we may laugh at it’s offroad ability now, the CL77 did win the second Baja 1,000 desert race.

This bike has been sitting in the garage for 30 years and has 6,771 miles on it. It looks like it has never been off road.

The CL77 Scrambler was built from 1965 to 1967.  Since this is an early bike, it has the painted aluminium fenders that look to be in great condition and the straight pipes with no muffler and minimal baffling.  The later models had improved brakes, so with this one with its early 60’s drums, you will need to plan ahead with your braking.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He’s looking forward to seeing this bike featured on other sites in a few days after it’s tipped to them.