Saab On The Top: 1992 Volvo 240

Kids, remember the time that your Uncle Bob got high from breathing paint fumes and claimed he saw a Volvo 240 Wagon with a Saab welded to the roof as a skylight? Well, it turns out that Uncle Bob wasn’t lying, and maybe we should contact the sanatarium and get him sprung. Who’s got the chain link fence cutters? Find this 1992 Volvo 240 offered for $5,500 in Portland, OR via forking whatbook.

From the seller:

1992 Volvo 240 Wagon 4D
Listed 2 weeks ago in Portland, OR
About this vehicle
Driven 325,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Black · Interior color: Tan
Fuel type: Gasoline
18.0 MPG city · 23.0 MPG highway · 20.0 MPG combined
Seller’s description
Photos added edition 3!

May 26th Update:
Have you ever slept in the back of a Volvo 240 station wagon? I know, of course you have and it’s pretty darn nice. The seats fold flat, you have about 6’ 1” to stretch out and there isn’t much around you but glass, well except for that roof. That roof that is just a lot too low cramping your happiness like a panini press. I hear you, Volvo had close to perfection of utility and economy, they were just lacking a little eccentric joy. Fortunately, their not-to-be-mentioned-though-they-are-both-from-the-same-small-Nordic-country, SAAB, had plenty of eccentric joy to lend. Here in the Volvaab you have the best of both worlds welded together to create The Almost Perfect Swedish Camper.
Just went camping this past weekend and was reminded of what the Volvaab is really good at; creating memorable trips.

Well for everything there is a season and this season I hope to turn the Volvaab over to someone else to enjoy. If you don’t know of the Volvaab (where have you been?!) it’s a 1992 Volvo 240 5-speed, 325k(ish odometer stopped about 5k ago), with a 1972 Saab welded on top, aka, the Ultimate Swede. I brought the Volvaab into existence 9 years ago, but it’s been my daily driver for the past 15 years. I hear it is the most photographed car in Portland and it lives it’s own life on the internet (google Volvaab). And in the NW I think it should stay, I’m moving East.
The Volvaab has been around, but I just put a bunch of work into it and it’s going strong (sometimes hard to get into 1st and reverse). Brand new windshield, fresh tires, etc, see photos.
I would like to get …5500 for it, for comparison Portland’s Elk Statue cost 1.3 million, you be the judge of which is more iconic.
P.s. Also, currently looking for a large truck to haul my stuff East (90’s Chevy 2500?, and a trailer, enclosed would be nice). And a VW van/bus to haul the family. Or some variation on this theme.

See a better way to drive something strange?