Run To The Bank: 1989 Volvo 245 Wagon 5.0 turbo 5 speed

Most any V8 swapped rwd Volvo is worthy of being featured here at DT, but today’s example is the creme de la creme of the breed.  This wagon has it all and it’s turbo charged 5.0 Ford goes the extra mile to poo-poo any naysayer who says these swaps are not that fast by 2018 measures.  I am not sure how much boost a Fox body era 302 can withstand, but it would be a lot of fun to find out.  Find this 1989 Volvo 245 wagon for sale in Blacksburg, VA for $5,500 via craigslist.  Tip from Molotovmotors.

Excellent details from the seller:

Very fun car and gets tons of attention at cruise-ins/car shows. I don’t drive it enough to keep it around and I’m looking to downsize my fleet of vehicles.

Stock roller 302 block 1991
Stock factory forged pistons (rehoned with new rings) roughly 9.3:1 if I remember right
Ebay ARP knockoff rod bolts
F303 cam
GT40 iron heads from a 1st gen Lightning ported and polished with 1.94 1.60 stainless valves dual valve springs
Harland Sharpe billet 1.6 roller rockers
GT40 style truck lower and upper intake
Dual pass radiator
Remote oil filter relocated to driver side fender-well that could use a permanent mount of some sort
Crane HI6 ignition
LX91 Crane coil

Ebay stainless headers flipped, v-band crossover connection
Master Power T70 (true 70mm) turbo .81 A/R exhaust housing
External stone mountain wastegate that is rerouted BACK into the 3″ downpipe
12x24x4 intercooler core (Griffin brand if I remember right)
3″ stainless downpipe v-band
3″ full exhaust 3.5″ stainless tip

Megasquirt’n’spark efi controller
75lb/hr injectors
TechEdge wideband O2 sensor display
Greddy profec B boost controller
VDO gauges, boost, oil pressure, water temp
NO TACHOMETER – originall is there if you want to hack it – or swap in a cheapy in that hole
Vintage 140 series era shift knob
Battery relocated to the passenger rear hatch

T5 transmission (world class?) a little whiney but shifts fine, leaks a little fluid out of the speedo hole/seal
B&M shifter
6 puck sprung clutch and new flywheel (unsure of clutch brand)
IPD 25mm sway bars front & rear V6 dip front bar
Solid adjustable swaybar endlinks
IPD wagon lowering springs
Bilstein HD shocks
Drag brand (cheap) wheels, 17×7 with some CHEAP tires but extremely low miles (less than 100)
Flat hood is off a gt 242, can’t remember the year
New windshield and rubber trim

NO TRADES, thanks

Tipper Molotovmotors sums things up here very nicely:

Volvo 245 with a Fuel Injected SBF…check

Manual Trans/Row your own….check

Turbo’d….Whoa Nellie!!!


Talked to this guy yesterday.   Build details were chronicled on Turbo Bricks forum a few years back.   As the prior owner of a well sorted FI 5.0 ford powered Volvo, this is a Steal for the price!    Knowing what it takes to get it to this point, If it was closer to perfect, it would be an $8 or 9K car easy.

The Haters can go suck some fix a flat….

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