Tom Magliozzi Dead At 77 Years: Opened His Last Valve

Tom Magliozzi born June 28th, 1937 died today at age 77 from complications from Alzheimer’s disease according to NPR.  Tom was the older brother of Ray Magliozzi and together they were Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers, on their weekly NPR radio show Car Talk.  Who hasn’t spent hours on Saturdays and Sundays listening to these guys while taking a long drive or wrenching on a car.  Groaning when you diagnosed the caller’s problem incorrectly and patting yourself on the back when you’d get it right — the vaudevillian jokes, endless puns and silliness is something that we here at the Daily Turismo appreciate right down to the core.

Image property of car talk

The weekly puzzler was my favorite part of the show, but Tom’s genuinely good sense of humor and  dedication to solving folks car related problems kept me tuning in each week. Rest in peace Tom, see you in the great junkyard in the sky when my head gasket blows, bottom end goes out and I throw a rod.  Until then, DT will try and keep some car humor alive in the world.