Right In The Kisser: 1989 Nissan Pao

In the late 1980s Nissan released a series of retro-styled vehicles for the Japanese market built on what is called the Pike platform with design by Naoki Sakai who was noted for bringing retro styling to Olympus brand cameras.  The limited production retro-minis included Be-1, K10-Micra, Pao, Figaro and snail styled S-Cargo.  Regrettably, Nissan did not export any of these little oddballs into the USA, but you can find examples that have migrated here over the years.  Find this 1989 Nissan Pao offered for $10,000 in NYC via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

This Pao features the “desirable(?)” canvas-top textile sunroof, an olive paint job (a recent respray), and a set of sweet yellow amber fog lights.  The Pao has a definite 60s vibe to it, but what really sells the design are the cool little touches like external door hinges, rear 2CVesque flap-up windows, and a split rear tailgate.

On the inside you’ve got more retro-styled classic junk — a small
functional painted dash with minimal dash cap.  The Pao is equipped
with a 3-speed automatic transmission mated to the 1.0 liter MA10S Nissan
inline-4, good for 52 horsepower and 55 ft-lbs of torque.  Performance
will be on par with a 60s city car, but the fuel economy should be

See another Pike peeking through the junk on craigslist? tips@dailyturismo.com