Right Hand Driver: 1968 Mini Clubman Wagon

One of the common complaints from classic British car collectors is that nobody makes a good 12-inch tire anymore.  A quick search for 165/70R12 on Tirerack gives a single option and even if you upgrade to the blingy 13s (yo! check out that lip dawg) you still end up with the choice between some 800 treadwear Korean built economy tire or a barely DOT legal slick.  However, this is a small price to pay for correct size tires on my classic British driver, because size does matter.  Find this 1968 Mini Clubman Wagon offered for $9,500 in Culver City, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Mini Clubman was released in 1969 (not sure why this one lists a 1968 title, something to ask the seller) with revised styling done by Roy Haynes (designer of the Ford Cortina, and Morris Marina).  The new face was free from the cute pontoon fenders that were revived with the BMW Mini reboot in 2001, and looks almost like something from the Fiat family.

Up front you get the same selection of 998cc inline-4 cylinder engine (with 4-speed manual gearbox) that powers the regular Mini, but in the back you get a sizable storage area. This one has been sprayed with bedliner, so it is ready for your dirt hauling needs.

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