Rhymes with Vomit- 1971 Mercury Comet GT

If the Ford Maverick is the little known step brother of the Mustang, it’s cousin the Mercury Comet is even more obscure.  The Comet GT trim level was the muscle car trim package that upped the ante with the 302 V8 engine.  These cars were originally conceived as import fighters, but in reality duked it out for sales with the Chevy Nova and Dodge Dart.  Find this 1971 Mercury Comet GT for sale in Brookfield, CT for $7,000 via craigslist.

This orange colored Comet has been very well cared for and given several power upgrades.  The seller has owned the car for six years and has always garaged the car.  The 302 V8 now breathes through 600 cfm carb, upgraded intake manifold, larger air cleaner, dual exhausts, and has the 4 speed manual transmission.

Other maintenance related items replaced include: new tires on Cobra rims, bigger radiator, master cylinder, upgraded valve cover and gaskets, distributor cap and rotor, headlights, original wood steering wheel, starter, battery, alternator, shocks, fuel filter, and thermostat.

The dash appears to have seventies shag carpeting on it.  The auxiliary gauge panel appears to be a nice upgrade on first glance.  However, on closer inspection it appears the three gauges are upside down (this could be a optical illusion or the author is off the mark)

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