Restored 1958 Studebaker Transtar 3E5 Half-Ton

The Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company started building cars in 1902, but they had been making buggies and wagons since 1852. By the late 1950s Studebaker (now merged with Packard) was in terrible financial shape and was getting destroyed by Ford and GM, but that didn’t stop them from making some sweet looking pickup trucks before their work with wheeled vehicles went belly-up in 1966. One hundred years isn’t bad for a family business from South Bend, Indiana. Find this 1958 Studebaker Transtar 3E5 Half-Ton bidding for $7,300 in Denton, TX via hemmings auctions.

From the seller:

Described as being the recipient of a “cab- and bed-off restoration,” with all wiring reportedly replaced, this 1958 Studebaker Transtar 3E5 Half-Ton Pickup is said to be mechanically original except for a replacement engine block that was installed in 1976. According to the seller, “Everything else is original or original part replacement.” The major departures from originality are said to be a new windshield and rear window that date to 2009, and a professional carburetor rebuild in 2020. The Studebaker is described as having a fully known history and the original owner is said to be the seller’s great-uncle, a Studebaker dealer.

The 92-horsepower, inline-six in this Transtar is built around a replacement block that was installed in 1976, per the seller. The powertrain is estimated to have covered approximately 15,000 miles since then. The carburetor is said to have been professionally rebuilt in 2020. The engine is reported to “start immediately” when started every two to three days. The three-speed manual transmission, reportedly refitted with overdrive, is said to shift smoothly through all gears. After shifting into third gear, the overdrive shifts smoothly once the correct rpm is reached (near 35 mph). A slight leak from the oil pan is noted. The engine bay presents as stock and appears generally clean.

The seller states that all body parts were removed from the frame, dipped to remove corrosion, and repainted. He notes a scratch on the grille. The cab seals are reported to be in good condition. The cargo bed appears to have a spray-in liner and shows no visible damage. The windshield and rear glass are reported to be new and free of cracks. All lights are said to work, with new wiring reported to date to 2009 and the seller noting installation of a second taillamp. The underside appears to be generally clean, with some surface corrosion noted.

The cab interior was professionally reupholstered in 2009, according to the seller, with the materials remaining in “excellent” condition. The rubber floormat and headliner were reportedly replaced at the same time. The seller states that there are “no missing interior parts.” All instruments are said to work, with an erratic fuel gauge reported. There is no heater, air conditioning, or audio system.

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